So recently there’s been this new dance step making rounds via social media. It’s on that hip friend’s status on WhatsApp, that cool girl’s wall on Facebook, all over YouTube and off course it’s on twitter.

And No, I’m not referring to “Shaku Shaku” or Olamide’s kpakujemu; It’s actually [drum roll please].

The Malwedhe or Idibala Dance Challenge. Still confused? (sigh).  The dance step where everyone collapses on the floor at the point in the song where the artist says “Kea Idibala”.

About the Song.

The Song was recorded by a local South African Artist named King Monada it’s titled “Malwedhe”, and it was written and performed in Khelobedu Language (it’s the language of the Balobedu tribe in South Africa). The song can best be described as a balanced mix of funny but real (The word “Dramedy” comes to mind). In the song the artist warns his partner to treat him delicately because he has a disease of collapsing (ring any bells?). Specifically he warns:

Wa nhlala kea idibala (If you break up with me, I collapse) …

Wa njolela Kea idibala. (if you cheat on me, I collapse)…

Wa tima phono kea idibala. (if you switch off your phone, I collapse)…

You get the gist..

Well, you can listen to the song on YouTube at:

You get the full Lyrics to the song at:

Hear the MP3 at:

And you can watch several people perform the challenge on twitter:

Do share with us your favorite performance in the comment section below.



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